Solar System Tattoos

Space Planet Tattoo Designs

“Space. The final frontier.” While this might appeal to Star Trek fans, actually getting a space themed tattoo is more common than you think. There’s lots of reasons you might get a solar system tattoo and even more ways to go about doing it.


Did you know that each planet has its own symbol? These were developed by astrologers centuries ago and apply to each planet as well as our moon and sun. On top of these there are signs for all the zodiacs which can either be a symbol or a more complex design based on the legend for each house. If you’re looking for a small solar system tattoo this is probably the best choice.


One of the most abstract tattoos, a constellation tattoo is merely lines joining up dots to represent stars. Some people might go even more minimal and just get the dots! A constellation tattoo can apply to a zodiac sign or to any of the galaxy. Perhaps you have a favorite astrology story or you’ve always wished upon a certain star. These can also be done quite small because they’re so simple.

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Sun, Moon, Stars

It was once thought that the universe revolved around us, but now we know that our solar system revolves around the sun. When we talk about how much someone means to us we often use the express their worth as equal to the “sun, moon and stars”. This is quite romantic but it’s one of the most common solar system tattoos and many designs have been around for decades. The most popular is a combination of the sun and moon making a face together with stars around them.

Moon Phases

The moon is strongly linked with femininity and mystery. Asides from the astrological symbol the moon has different phases during the month including waxing and waning. The shape of the moon changes based on how much of the sun’s light reflects off of it around the earth. It stays close to the earth because it’s caught within the gravitational pull, but it exerts its own forces on tides and on some people too hence the term “moon madness” or lunacy.

Planets and Nebulas

Most people don’t know much about the planets other than that they’re there. The number is debated by scientists but the fact that they are all unique is what makes them most interesting. By far the most recognizable planet is Saturn because of its giant rings of ice and debris, yet more movies are made about Mars because it’s our closest neighbor and there’s a good chance people will colonize it soon.

We don’t actually have any nebulas in our galaxy but they’re one of the most beautiful features in space. These are giant clouds of space dust from which the universe and our own solar system was created. They’re bigger than we can really imagine and the pictures of them are colorful and stunning. These make a great background to a tattoo or a lovely abstract too.

Looking for inspiration for your next space tattoo? Check out these designs below.

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