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Texas Tattoos

With Hurricane Harvey finally passing over many people are trying to stay #TexasStrong and showing their devotion to the lonestar state with a tattoo. There are several ideas floating around and many artists are using this as a time to donate to the cause by sending some of their profits to those in need from Harvey’s wake. Harvey made landfall as a category 4 storm, and was the strongest since Katrina but it also landed right next to the fourth largest city in the country. Flooding, tornadoes, and worse have left many wondering what they can do to help the population of this stricken state.
Thanks to the internet we can see this devastation, but we can also do something about it.
For those who want to include a little bit of Texas to show their solidarity how about one of these ideas?

State Outline

the state outline, with a heart over Houston seems to be the most common choice. This simple tattoo can be big or small, black or color, which is why it’s such a flexible choice. It’s also quick and doesn’t take a lot of equipment to do which is why artists don’t really lose money offering it as a “donation” tattoo.

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Called the “Lone Star State” because of the single star on the flag, it’s a small and easily covered tattoo. Stars have a lot of other meanings too and you can get the whole flag if you plan on going more elaborate. The Star can also be integrated into another tattoo.

Cowboy Chic

Whether it’s cowboy boots or cowboy hats Texas is synonymous with cowboy couture. If you’ve ever seen a proper pair of cowboy boots they can be a work of art in themselves, with colors and tooled leather that shows an impressive level of craftsmanship. These are a beautiful choice if you want something fun and colorful.
Taking it a step further pistols and guns are also connected with cowboy imagery and can be quite beautiful and elaborate pieces.

The Longhorn

Cattle have long been a large part of Texan history, so much so that the iconic longhorn cow has become a symbol for Texas and college teams there. Cows have a lot of meaning beyond becoming beef burgers and many cultures consider them divine. The Longhorn is a shaggy beast with especially big horns atop it’s head, but be careful or you might be considered a sports fan since the outline is a team logo.

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Yellow Roses

The yellow rose of Texas has been immortalized in country culture thanks to many songs and the most notable Elvis version. Originally published in 1858 the song is actually a reminder of times when slavery still existed and today the original lyrics are considered rather racist. The yellow rose of Texas is a term that many people can recognize even if they don’t know the meaning behind the lyrics.


These scaly beasts are often found roaming around and can be quite cute. They’re extremely tough and can withstand impressive weather and heat. If there’s a Texan symbol for resilience the armadillo is probably it.

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