Best Couples Tattoos

Relationship Tattoos

“Is that a name? Wow, that’s pretty permanent, guess you’re stuck with each other.”

Name tattoos are so passé. Once upon a time it was corny and cute to get your lover’s name on you and that has led to a massive amount of cover ups over the decades. Couples now want something a little more interesting and unique if they’re going to get tattooed to symbolize their relationship. Tattooing has come a long way since Sailor Jerry and if you can think it you can probably ink it. If you’re considering getting a tattoo together then check out a few of these ideas.


There are tons of versions of this tattoo out there – whether it’s just the crowns or the lettering from card decks this is one of the most popular couples tattoos. The term king/queen has a lot of esteem and respect attached to it so it’s no wonder that it’s popular for couples to refer to each other by that moniker.

“Til Death”

There are many songs and jokes on traditional marriage vows, especially the “til death do us part”.While your partner might balk at getting “obey” on them “til death” is romantic if a little morbid. The question is where to put them. A popular spot is on the side of the ring finger but this often falls out as soon as it’s healed so an area like the wrist or even across the heart might work better.

½ Tattoos

Getting half a tattoo sounds silly but if it’s done right when the two tattoos are held together they make one. This could be two characters holding hands, locks and keys, or something more obvious like a lion/lioness mash up to make one face. If you’re down for something a bit more fun there’s always cute ideas like a peanut butter and jelly slice of bread or slices of pizza.


Much like the king/queen tattoos the simple Mr/Mrs moniker works well if you’re looking for something small and discrete. While the words themselves aren’t especially interesting it’s very straightforwards and to the point.

Fictional Couple Characters

Mickey and Minnie, Jack and Sally, Popeye and Olive, Fred and Wilma, Simba and Nala, T’Challa and Shuri ….. there are so many iconic fictional couples that can illustrate your relationship together. Why not pick out her favorite Disney princess? His favorite comic hero? Maybe you have a favorite movie that you both like to watch together that will work.

Tetris Blocks

For the geeky couple Tetris is one of those iconic games everyone knows. Unlike puzzle pieces which can also symbolize autism, Tetris pieces still fit together without any other connotations.

Missing Pieces

The idea of “you complete me” is a common theme of many sappy romance quotes. Why not make it literal by using a cut out shape from one tattoo to create the other. This is similar to Tetris blocks or another tattoo that fits together. What shape you decide to “cut out” of the other tattoo is up to you, but a heart is rather fitting.


While not every man is a beast the beauty and the beast monikers are also quite popular as couples tattoos. There are some variations such as “her beast/his beauty”. What type of font and what size is entirely up to you which means this is also an easy one to figure placement and a unique look. Alternatively just add these words to any design the two of you choose.


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