All About Eyebrow Microblading

All About Eyebrow MIcroblading Tattoo

Getting your eyebrows tattooed is in fashion right now, but there’s several different ways of getting it done. In fact, even if you’ve walked into a tattoo shop to get it done you might be disappointed since they’re usually done by cosmetologists. If you regularly wear makeup then you understand the pain of doing your eyebrows and making them match perfectly every time. Add bad weather and they will never stay like that never mind trying to wake up with them looking perfect. Microblading is the newest of the “tattoo” processes to apply your eyebrows with, and frankly, it’s nothing like getting tattooed!


Just like any other body modification, microblading artists have to be certified. This means they need to understand sterile procedures, disposal, and exactly how to do the process right so your brows look as natural as possible. You can often get a good discount going to a learning artist in cosmetology school but it doesn’t come cheap as the certification itself often costs a lot of money. This is definitely an area not to skimp since you can’t really hide a bad brow job.

Hand Poked

Unless you want to look like you have Bert from Sesame Street’s eyebrows microblading is never ever done with a machine. This is one of the reasons you can’t get it in a tattoo shop as it’s an entirely different type of certification. While some tattoo shops will tattoo your eyebrows they will usually end up dark and thick rather than natural looking.
Like a traditional tattoo, microblading goes into the dermis layer of skin below the epidermis to make it permanent. But unlike a traditional tattoo this doesn’t need to be a uniform depth and stroke, in fact, having less than perfect hairs often makes them appeal more natural. A hand tool is always used to detail out the eyebrows

Cosmetic Tattooing

It’s also different from cosmetic tattooing (using a lighter machine and smaller needle than tattooing) because it uses a less intense pigment to appear softer. This stops you having the drawn-on cartoon look that most cosmetic tattooed eyebrows have. While the inks are still regulated by the same industry they are very different from both cosmetic tattoo ink and regular tattoo ink. Many tattoo artists have previously offered cosmetic tattooing because the process is so similar to regular tattooing and the certification was easy to add on.

Different Aftercare

Since the type of ink and the process is different you can’t simply slather on moisturizer and hope for the best. Because of the fine lines that microblading uses you want to keep them completely dry and keep moisturizer away from them! The healing process takes about the same time (4-6 weeks) but you’ll need to come in for a second session after that to touch everything up. Unlike a tattoo or cosmetic tattooing microblading isn’t considered permanent and you’ll have to redo them at least once a year to keep those brows fierce. If you get a lot of sun it might be more than that too.

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