Australian Tattoo Expo Perth (15 - 17th September)

Perth Tattoo Artist Event

This international expo covers the whole culture surrounding body ink. From models, to aerobatics, to showcasing artists from all over the world. You’ll find every genre and might be able to snag an appointment. This show attracts about 57,000 visitors each year, making it one of the biggest conventions in the world. The expo is actually a traveling convention that appears in Sydney and other locations around Australia during different times of the year.

One of the biggest attractions this year is going to be The Fuel Girls, a group of British performance artists as well as a fashion show of the Girls of Ink, a Pin Up Pageant, and competitions for a variety of different categories including Best Lettering, Best Polynesian, Best Dots, and Best Oriental as well as the usual line up of awards. Featured artists this year include Daniel Molloy, Andrew Smith, Jackson May, and Leisure Bandit. Tickets range from $25-65 and if you want to visit for more than one day you’ll have to buy your pass online.

You can see a list of the artists attending the event here:

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