London Tattoo Convention (September 22nd-29th)

Tattoo Events in London

As expected, London is one of the biggest international tattoo conventions. You’ll find a huge selection of international artist including Meng Xiangwei, Kostas Tzikalagio, Alex Pancho, Nissaco, and Alex Rattray among them. In the past few years East London’s Tobacco Dock has been transformed into one of the biggest line ups with bands, artists, live acts, entertainment, and breathtaking artwork. The art exhibition this year is for The Imperial Tattoo Army with 9 artists work painted on iconic Stormtrooper helmets. There are several stages at the venue with impressive awards and every type of food imaginable. London isn’t cheap, and you can expect to pay $30 or more just for a day and almost $100 for the weekend. Advance tickets are available online and it’s a packed event each year.

Part of London’s unique attraction is the models and posters available and the fact that the building is centuries old, with vaulted ceilings, glass roofing, and a host of nooks and crannies to get lost in. There are over 20 different vendors, including tattoo supply, aftercare, clothing, and more. Some of the entertainment includes the Fuel Girls, Voodoo Crypt, Cervena Fox, Rebecca Crow, Pyrohex, and Fort Hope.

Checkout the lineup below

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