Milwaukee Tattoo Arts Wisconsin Convention (15th - 17th September)

Tattoo Convention

With a variety of fine arts and tattoo artists in for the weekend you’ll find a selection of mostly American artists. Hosted by the traveling company Villain Arts, they’re known for tattoo conventions all over the country including Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia and Cleveland. Their claim to fame is that the conventions usually host a bunch of TV celebrities from shows like Tattoo Nightmares, Ink Master, and Tattoo Nightmares. This year’s line up is no different with about 10 different tattoo artists from various reality shows making appearances and tattooing at the convention. There’s also plenty of seminars for visiting artists with topics like tattoo chemistry, application, marketing, and aftercare as well as big name vendors for ink and equipment.

There will also be plenty of awards and several well-known artists like Patrick Fordyce, David Thao, and the amazing Shanghai Kate. Some of the acts this year include Olde City Sideshow, Hell-cat Penny, The Enigma, Suspensions, and Marlo Marquise. There’s also a sneaky after party with exclusive tickets for artists and their guests. Tickets range from $20-40 and are only sold at the show.

Checkout all the images from the event here:

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