Texas Ink and Art Expo Galveston, TX September (29th - Oct 1st)

Tattoo Tradeshow Texas

Another “Americana” expo, and while you won’t find a lot of international artists here you’ll still find some amazing work by the likes of Chauncey Kochel and Nick Engle. This is actually one of the smaller conventions but the location is worth visiting. While you won’t get the excitement of London or Perth this is an opportunity to see the work of more artists that don’t travel the world but are the backbone of what tattooing is in the USA without a bunch of celebs and media. That’s not to say there isn’t plenty of entertainment. There’s suspensions, a Sideshow, a Pin-up contest, and live bands. There’s also a tattoo contest and a variety of awards like Best Religious, Best Skull, Best Floral, Best Nautical and the usual sleeves, color etc.

This year you’ll also find something unique. If you donate to the local Galveston Island humane society you’ll also get a free tattoo! While you’re not going to get a sleeve for free, a simple pawprint will show just how much animals mean to you and you’ll be doing something for a good cause. Tickets are pretty cheap, ranging from $20-35 and can be bought online and during the expo.

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