A User's Guide to Cosmetic Tattoos

Types of cosmetic tattooing

Everyone has heard of permanent cosmetics. This type of tattoos is different from your roses and flags because it’s subtle. It’s an enhancement of what you look like naturally and it can be amazingly clever. Cosmetic tattooing has come a long way and the new technology and pigments can blow your mind how subtle and natural they look.


This is all the rage these days, a type of tattoo that thickens your brows and makes them seem permanently on there. This uses individual hair strokes to fill in sparse brows and make the area seem naturally full. It’s not as soft or subtle as pencil brows and it’s not as harsh as fully tattooed brows. This is a natural looking choice that requires touch ups to keep it dark.


Models like Winnie Harlow have brought vitiligo into the limelight. Whether it’s a scar, stretchmarks or a skin disease having skin that’s different colors isn’t something that everyone is proud of. Tattooing can make the area of skin that is out of color appear to be the same color as the skin around it, or at least much less noticeable. The stretch mark cover up is pretty new, and while it won’t change the texture of the skin it can make them blend better so they’re less noticeable.


Freckles are cute, fun, and can be a statement part of someone’s image. Not everyone is born with these little spots, and while some might see them as a nuisance others would love to have their own set. There’s also a trend to hide star signs and other “messages” in the dot work. The most natural freckles are uneven and ragged rather than spots so make sure you bring lots of example images because this often doesn’t look right.

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Most men suffer hair loss and it can be a real blow to a man seeing such a big change. It’s a sign of getting older. The option to simply tattoo a close crop on means that going bald doesn’t have to happen because it gives the appearance of the hair still being there. You can match the color of the hair too. A good artist can actually give it texture enough that it doesn’t look like a bunch of black dots.

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Permanent Eyeliner

Another of the most common cosmetic tattoos for women, this is waking up with your make up on and never having to take it off. While it sounds painful the area is actually numbed during the procedure so you won’t feel a thing. It can make your lashes look fuller too though it will have to be periodically redone.


Breast cancer can be devastating for a woman. Especially if she has to have a mastectomy. Even with cosmetic implants a boob just isn’t a boob if there’s no nipple. Science hasn’t managed to create new ones yet but tattooing can be the next best thing. Good tattoo artists can create nipples so realistic that until you touch them you’ll never know it isn’t real.

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